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J is for jungle

We are learning all about the letter J this week so following my children's interests, I set up a jungle provocation.


Clipboards and jungle related books encourage literacy skills.

The bamboo backdrop is a canvas print. I make use of this print in so many of my provocations. 


The river is a strip of polar fleece. A lovely sensory touch.

Schleich animals are always a favourite and their authenticity encourages real-life play. 


I surrounded the green carpet playmat (rug) with logs from my wood pile. The children loved exploring the different bark textures.


I purchased some artificial ferns and set them in plaster of paris. I covered the tins with natural printed adhesive contact.

I ensured the area was only accessible for one or two children at a time. This ensures quiet, purposeful play.

I also set up some cooking invitations at the sensory table. Some children chose to make jelly and some chose to make jam sandwiches. Of course, some chose to make both.


Desert Felted Play Mat

Living Things Provocation