Tinkering Investigation Area Display Pack

Tinkering Investigation Area Display Pack


These printables will help you setup a beautiful Tinkering area in your classroom.

Tinkering is a valuable learning experience for children. They learn through doing and it teaches children valuable lessons by helping them develop fine motor skills, problem solving abilities and peer relationships.


This Tinkering Display Pack includes:

· a large Tinkering banner sign

· information poster for parents and educators

· 28 vocab cards illustrated with real life images

· safety glasses signs

· under construction signs

· Tinkering word clouds

· 2 illustrated Tinkering quotes

· 12 Tinkering prompt cards


Give your children a hands-on experience where they can explore and invent. Your children will be developing fine motor skills as they manipulate authentic tools and they will develop a trial and error-based process where persistence and resourcefulness are rewarded. Critical and creative thinking are nurtured through their explorations in a Tinkering space too. 


These printables will help your children engage in open-ended experiences that allow them to question, design, collaborate, and construct knowledge as they go. Tinkering promotes deep engagement in scientific and engineering practices. It gives the learner an opportunity to take part in multiple cycles of design and discovery.

By using these printables to help you setup a Tinkering space,  children will be equipped with lifelong skills that can be used in all areas of learning.


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