Play Dough Alphabet Mats in Queensland Beginner's Font

Play Dough Alphabet Mats in Queensland Beginner's Font


Playdough is certainly a favourite in my Prep classroom so I combined it with letter learning and designed these Alphabet Playdough Mats. The letters featured in these mats are in Queensland Beginners Font.

Creating letters with playdough is a wonderful sensory experience allowing children to feel the alphabet. As they squeeze, roll, and bend the playdough to form the uppercase and lowercase letters in QLD Beginners font, they are developing those all important fine motor skills as well.

This pack contains 40 mats in A4 size. They each have an authentic photograph background reflecting the associated phoneme. Every 26 letters of the alphabet are represented at least once. There are two mats for each vowel with both the long and short vowel sounds included. Your children will love forming their own playdough letters on top of the large letters on each mat.

I like to add props to my playdough table to further enhance the learning experience. Each mat provides opportunities for you to add additional items to encourage open ended creative play and extensive vocabulary development. For instance, when I use the Hh mat with the beautiful image of herbs as the background, I also add either a vase of cut herbs or a small herb plant. The children’s fine motor skills can be further developed by adding scissors so that they can cut some herbs to add to the playdough.

For repeated use, be sure to laminate the mats or slide them into a sheet protector before using them.

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