35 Sight Word Games and Activities

35 Sight Word Games and Activities


Learning sight words should be fun.

Here you will instantly download a .pdf file containing a selection of my tried and tested educational games and activities to teach and reinforce any set of sight words. These games are suitable for small group and whole class activities. They are presented in a table format so that they may be copied onto card, trimmed and laminated for an instant reference.

The games include - Syllables, Twister, Who am I?, Hangman, Word Hunt, Dominoes, Chinese Whispers, Transition Words, Chalk Words, Trace Me, Word Grouping, Flashlight, Tic Tac Toe Here I Go.., Swat, Stepping Stones, Musical Words, Playdough Words, Beanbag Toss, Magnetic Letters, Beat the Clock, Beat the Clock - Reading, Erase the Face, Memory, Snowball Fight, Bingo, Basketball, Boys V Girls, Noughts & Crosses, Erase Relay, Hopscotch, Funny Voices, Where Is...?, Treasure Hunt, Pipe Cleaner Words and BOOM.

The .pdf file also includes some information on the Dolch Sight words and a comprehensive list of the high frequency 220 Dolch Sight Words.

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