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Exploring Shadows

We have been learning about the sun this week. The children have been fascinated to explore and investigate this topic. They particularly enjoyed tracing their shadows with chalk on the concrete at various times throughout the day and were so excited to track the sun and measure the growth of their shadows later in the day.I added an overhead projector to the construction area. I made the screen by draping a large white sheet over some boxes. They investigated the shadows made by their constructions and experimented with different coloured backdrops by using cellophane on the stage glass of the projector. It was exciting to observe them adding objects to the stage glass, carefully placing animals and blocks to compliment their constructions.

The next day I supplied some overhead projector transparency film and Sharpies. The children created hand drawn backdrops. This has been a very stimulating provocation. I will definitely be adding more light play to our classroom in the future.

Kitchen Science Chemistry Lab

Science Wind Tunnel