Phoneme Bingo for Teaching Phonemic Awareness

Phoneme Bingo for Teaching Phonemic Awareness


This phoneme bingo game has been designed to help you build phonemic awareness in your beginning readers. Help your students to differentiate between sounds, letters and words. Use this phonemic awareness game to teach them to blend and segment the sounds within words.

Research indicates that phonemic awareness in young students is one part of an effective reading program. The teaching of phonemic awareness is most successful when there is an explicit focus on recognising and manipulating sound units— phonemes. This game has helped the students in my class recognise and manipulate phonemes. They love playing this game. It has been great to see them gain confidence and experience success with their phonemic awareness skills.

This .pdf file contains a call sheet and 18 bingo cards. Each card has 6 pictures. I have used stock photos for the pictures as I like the authenticity of real life images. Your students will instantly recognise the pictures on each card. Instructions for playing are included along with some information on phonemic awareness.

This game is easily differentiated to suit the developmental level of your students. Ideas for differentiation are included.

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