68 Spelling Activity Cards

68 Spelling Activity Cards


This .pdf file contains all of my 68 spelling activity cards. I am sure it will become a valuable resource for teaching Spelling in your classroom or home.

As a teacher, I get tired of the standard spelling lessons and I am sure my children get tired of simply writing and memorising word lists. Learning should be fun so I have compiled my all time favourite spelling activities here. They will certainly make learning more enjoyable for both you and your children.

You will receive a .pdf file with the activity cards ready for you to print or simply use straight from your computer. The file contains 68 different spelling activity cards with cute graphics and interesting layouts - ready to be used as is or trim and laminate them so you will have a set of Activity Cards ready to go.

There are 4 cards on each A4 sheet and they are colour coded for your easy reference. There are 40 RED Cards with activities suitable for individuals to do on their own. These red activities may also be done in a small group or as a whole class. There are 8 BLUE Cards with activities designed specifically for small groups. These blue activities may also be done as a whole class. There are 20 GREEN Cards where you will require a large group or the whole class for these activities.

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