27 Math Card Games to Download

27 Math Card Games to Download


This booklet contains some great card games for teaching and reinforcing math concepts in your classroom or home. These 27 fun and educational card games can be played with a standard deck of playing cards.

This booklet contains 27 tried and tested card games ideal for teaching and reinforcing many math concepts.

Number Facts both to 10 and above, Comparing basic Fractions, Computations using all 4 operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division), the Forming of Number Sentences, Recognising Odd and Even Numbers, Comparing Number Values along with Basic Number Value Concepts are all covered by these games.

You will receive two versions of this file. One with Australian spelling and one with American spelling. They are presented in a table format so that they may be copied onto card, trimmed and laminated if you wish. Of course you can also just use them straight from the booklet.

They are suitable for small group activities.

Games Include: Addition Draw, Addition War, Fish to 10, Snap to 10, Memory 10, Fifteen, Break the Bank, Ten or Twenty, Make 25 with 5, First to Fifty - Addition, Multiplication Draw, First to Fifty - Multiplication, Subtraction Draw, First to Zero - Subtraction, Division Draw, Fraction Draw, Number Sentence Memory, Guess My Number Sentence, Make 20, 4 Operations, Add take or Multiply, Odd and Even Flip, Largest Number, Closest Number, Greater Than and Less Than Flip, Memory and finally, Snap.

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