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Birds and Feathers Investigation

bird investigation.jpg

My Preps have been collecting feathers for a while now.  They will love this investigation area.Magnifying glasses to encourage "looking closely".Ink drawing of feathers pinned up near our bird nest.

bird study at school.jpg

I love this hessian tree from ZART Art.

birds and feather inquiry unit.jpg

The limbs are wired and easily bent to hold and support the bird nest I found in our garden.The little basket holds some Montessori Bird and Egg cards. The feathers here are very long and I am hoping it encourages some talk about measuring and length.The little wooden egg rattles. I try to incorporate sensory items into every area.

birds and feather investigation.jpg

Hopefully the Australian Birds book will encourage some bird watching at outdoor play time. I might add some binoculars in a few days.

birds and feathers exploration.jpg

That ostrich feather is so soft. I always include clipboards in my investigation areas. They encourage writing and recording of all the Preps discoveries.

birds and feathers study.jpg
birds and feathers.jpg
birds and feathers provocation for learning.jpg
birds inquiry.jpg

A cosy space for 3 children. Small investigation areas keep the noise to a minimum. Well that's the plan anyway.

birds nest.jpg

Reading Area

Creating a Peaceful Environment using Lighting