Play Dough or Clay Technique Cards

Play Dough or Clay Technique Cards


These play dough technique cards will make a great addition to your Art or Science area. There are 40 printable cards outlining various techniques for children to explore when they use clay, plasticine or play dough. Each technique is clearly illustrated and will not only build your child’s vocabulary but also encourage them to experiment with a variety of techniques as they manipulate the material you have offered.

I have a play based classroom so these cards play a vital role in provocations offered in both the Science and Art investigation areas. In both these curriculum areas, we learn about materials, their properties and how we can change materials for a specific purpose.

Curriculum content descriptors

ART: Use and experiment with different materials, techniques, technologies and processes to make artworks (ACAVAM107)

SCIENCE: Objects are made of materials that have observable properties (ACSSU003) Science involves observing, asking questions about, and describing changes in, objects and events (ACSHE013)

My daughter made the beautiful graphics used in these cards so you won’t find them anywhere else. I love the colours and how clearly they demonstrate the techniques.

In your download, you will receive a .pdf file containing the 40 play dough technique cards. They are presented in A4 format with 4 cards to a page.

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