Play dough Number Flowers

Play dough Number Flowers


If you are looking for ways to link your learning intentions into your classroom provocations, these Number Flowers will be a handy resource. I use them often in both my play-based provocations and in my explicit teaching lessons.

The .pdf file contains 42 number flowers in a variety of colours. They have been made using Queensland Beginner’s Font. Both numerals and words for numbers 0 to 20 are included. Designed to be printed on A4 paper or card. There are 6 flowers to each page. If you wanted them to be a smaller size, you could tile the printing to have 12 flowers to a page.

I designed them to be used at the play dough table as a provocation to teach number concepts. When we study living things (plants) in Science or when Spring comes around, they tie in nicely too.

Here are some of the ways I have used these Number Flowers in my classroom:

  • In sensory tubs (with sand, dirt, gravel or rice)

  • As a stimulus at the play dough table

  • With flower pots in the Dramatic Play space

  • As a display at the Science Nature table

  • With counters and a number line at the Math table

  • With some tins and cups at the Blocks area

As a game, math warm-up or transition activity—give each child a flower

  • (numerals & words) and ask them to find their matching flower friend

  • ask them to put themselves in order (make a number line)

  • Sit in a circle and give clues to the secret flower eg: I’m the number before 7. The correct flower child stands up

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