CVC Sentences to Decode

CVC Sentences to Decode


When children know all their single letter sounds, they are ready to start decoding words phonetically. I found that most of the decodable reading books available to the beginning reader were not very authentic in their sentence structure or story line so I designed these Flip Sentences. The sentences in this resource are simple in structure with authentic content.

I use the Flip Sentences to supplement the reading program I implement with my beginning readers. The 56 sentences contain common sight words along with decodable CVC words. You will receive a zipped folder containing two versions of this product. One version is in Queensland Beginners font and the other version is in Kindergarten Elementary font.

I usually use these Flip Sentences in my small group Literacy Rotations. Children work with a partner. One child reads the first sentence and their partner follows along. If the sentence is read fluently, the listening partner says, “flip it”. The reader flips the sentence over to reveal the matching illustration. This gives the children an opportunity to self-check their reading accuracy. The children then swap roles with the listening partner becoming the reader and decoder.

The sight words in my Flip Sentences are: I, am, a, we, to, and, here, my, little, go, come, see, like, she, look, he, the, me

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