30 Open ended Question Prompts on Nature Photos

30 Open ended Question Prompts on Nature Photos


One of the gifts you can give children is allowing them the opportunity to solve problems. Creative and critical thinking skills are essential. The opportunity to take risks in a safe environment with an acceptance that failure is a springboard to growth and success ensures you are nurturing their natural curiosity and wonder about the world.

You will be giving them the gift of lifelong learning.

These open-ended question prompts will encourage higher order thinking in your children. Higher order thinking is a focus in every curriculum and with every age group. Enrich the academic and social learning in your classroom by encouraging your children’s natural curiosity.

You will receive a .pdf file containing 30 beautiful open-ended question prompts. Each prompt is designed to be printed on A4 paper or card. If you wanted them to be a smaller size, you could tile the printing to have 2 or 4 images to a page. I do recommend printing them at a high quality to achieve the stunning quality.

I place these cards around my room to prompt my questioning when I’m interacting with the children. They help me to challenge the children to think for themselves. They are also a great reminder for me to invite the children to share their thinking and their view of the world.

Sometimes I add beauty and value to a learning centre by including one or two of these open-ended question photos in the provocation. They assist me and other educators in the room to take the learning to the next level.

These open-ended question prompts are a valuable and effective learning tool. It’s important to me to help my children develop higher order thinking skills and to learn in an interesting and engaging way.

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