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Word Work for the Daily 5

Word Work for the Daily 5

I started the Read to Self portion of the Daily 5 with my Preppies before the holidays and will introduce Word Work next week.

Here are some ideas I have for this literacy centre. I will put out about 5 activities and rotate them around each week. I keep my activities for the week in a wheeling trolley - the children can wheel it over to where they are working.

In the top of my trolley I put my flashcards with the words to work on for the week.

Word Work Ideas

  • Push Pins - the words are printed onto thin card and the children place this template on top of a piece of paper and then on the carpet. They use big thumbtack type push pins to pierce along the lines of each letter. When the card template is taken away they are left with pin-prick words. These look great stuck up on the window.

  • Playdough words - children use the cutters to cut out the letters and then place them onto small cookie sheet tins to make their words.

  • Magna Doodles to write their words.

  • Pipe Cleaners to bend into letter shapes and form words. i don't have any wikki stix but I know they are great for making words.

  • Rainbow Writing - children write each letter of the word with a different coloured crayon.

  • Chalkboards to write their words with chalk.

  • White Boards - they love these little white boards and pens to practise writing their words.

  • Magazine Search - they cut letters from magazines and glue them in order to make their word work words.

  • Magnetic Letters to make their words.

  • I have just ordered some alphabet stamps - I am sure they will love stamping out their words.

  • Newspaper Detective - they search through a newspaper article armed with a magnifying glass and a highlighter pen and highlight any of their word work words.

  • Use scrapbooking chipboard letters to make their words.

  • Threading alphabet beads onto thin pipe cleaners.

  • Playdough snakes - rolled playdough is used to form the letters onto vinyl placemats.

alphabet letters s.jpg
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