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Reading Levels and Home Reading

Reading Levels and Home Reading


Love it or hate it?

The only homework I label as a "must do" is reading homework. It's so important for a parent to read with their child every day.  I send 3 reading books home each week and ask that parents read these beginning texts with their children each night. 

It does not matter if they choose one and read it over and over each night or if they read a different one each night. The main thing is that they are reading together regularly.

Many parents are looking for a guide to help their children become readers. I designed a few reference sheets for my parents. The reference sheets cover the PM reading levels from 1 to 8. 

I glue the appropriate levelled sheet into each child's home reading folder.

These reading guides give my parents some suggestions on how to help their child with home reading.

Download these Reading Homework Guides

from my Free Resource Library.

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