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Play dough Flowers. A sensory number provocation
I always link the provocations in my play-based investigation areas to our class learning intentions. I designed these play dough flowers for some number provocations I had in mind. They have turned out to be quite a handy resource. I’ve frequently used them to teach number concepts in a variety of ways. I have been using them in quick transition activities, math warm-ups and also in whole class math games. They have been useful as
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CVC Sentences to develop Decoding Fluency from My Teaching Cupboard
Looking for decodable texts that are authentic? Give your beginning reader success and a joy of reading with decodable texts. Teaching a child to read must be explicit and follow a developmental sequence. In the first stage of reading, a child is learning the relationship between letters and sounds and between print and spoken words. The texts given to a beginning reader must be simple with a combination of a few sight words and some
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30 open ended question prompts on beautiful nature inspired photos. Promote higher order thinking with these open-ended question prompts from My Teaching Cupboard.
One of the gifts you can give children is allowing them the opportunity to solve problems. Solving problems develops higher order thinking skills.  Children must be given the opportunity to experiment, investigate and solve problems. If you are lucky, they may even fail. It’s OK to Fail There must be an acceptance that failure is natural in the learning process. Furthermore, failure is actually a springboard to growth and success. Encourage them to experiment, investigate
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Handmade Weather Gnomes
I do love the holidays as it gives me some time to catch-up on the projects I have in my craft cupboard. I find creating handmade items is so relaxing and very rewarding. I’ve had these Weather Gnomes on my to-do-list for so long. We are learning about the weather next term and I am sure the children are going to love these little fellows.
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Teaching Phonological Awareness, Syllables and Phonemic Awareness from My Teaching Cupboard.
As the year goes on, I am becoming more aware of the importance of Phonological Awareness and Concepts of Print to the Prep child. Phonemic awareness was my focus for term one and as I look at my reading data – I’m glad it was! There are still children having difficulties with these skills so I decided to research the topic. I found a wealth of information and thought I’d share the most relevant to
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