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How to Make A Necklace. Procedural Text Investigation Provocation
This term in Grade One we are exploring Procedural Texts. The children will be writing a simple procedural text as their assessment piece. To help them explore the structure of Procedural Texts, we have many of our Investigation Areas set up with procedures for the children to read and follow. Links to the Curriculum One of the most popular Investigation Areas has been the Art and Craft provocation – How to Make a Necklace. When
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STEAM activities for the Early Childhood Classroom
Looking for STEAM activities to challenge your children? I designed 30 STEAM activities presented as stimulus prompt cards. They engage and challenge my children as they explore concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM activities take STEM activities to the next level. The A (Arts) gives children the opportunity to develop their creative thinking skills alongside their critical thinking skills. Why teach STEAM? STEAM activities are gaining popularity in today’s classrooms.  They give
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The 10 essential areas of a play based classroom
In my play based classroom there are 10 essential learning areas. I cannot do without them. The provocations and resources offered in these areas change throughout the year dependent on children’s interests and the curriculum intent. The placement of these 10 areas within the classroom is thoughtfully planned at the beginning of each year. I don’t usually move the areas around the classroom throughout the year.  Very often an area will have multiple objectives and
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Alphabet play dough mats in Queensland Beginners Font
Playdough is always a favourite in my classroom. It’s ideal to use that interest for reinforcing educational skills and concepts. That’s the beauty of a play-based classroom. You can teach phonics and consolidate phonemic skills through the provocations and learning invitations you provide. Playdough is a wonderful sensory experience. When you stimulate any of the 5 senses (seeing, touching, smelling, tasting or hearing) you are helping the brain to develop. When you ignite the senses
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how to teach phonemic awareness and early reading skills
Before you can expect a child to read or write, you need to be teaching phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness can be broken into four main skills. The first of these is the ability to hear and isolate sounds (phonemes) in words.  The next two skills a child needs to master are the blending and segmenting of phonemes. The final skill is phoneme manipulation. I have found this is usually the most difficult of the four
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