Janelle is an early childhood educator helping teachers implement a play based curriculum that still has students reaching benchmarks and standards.
Implementing a play-based curriculum and still meeting academic benchmarks isn’t easy.
If you believe a play-based curriculum is every child’s right and is a developmentally appropriate way for a child to learn, then you have come to the right place.

Welcome to My Teaching Cupboard

I’m Janelle and I’m an experienced early childhood teacher working at a public school in Brisbane, Australia.

I’m here to help dedicated early childhood teachers successfully deliver a balanced, play-based curriculum.
A curriculum totally linked to all the content descriptors and standards!

I’m passionate about designing engaging and educational teaching resources and lessons. Actually, I probably spend way too much of my time crafting my teaching resources. I do love it though and it certainly pays off in the classroom.

My students share my passion and enthusiasm for play-based, investigative learning. They are so engaged in the classroom experiences and spaces. The learning spaces and provocations I design and provide are ALWAYS linked to the curriculum.

I’m doing all this in my beautiful, peaceful and well organised classroom. Environment is the third teacher? You bet she is!!! I want to share with you some inspiration and practical ideas to help you get that third teacher working in your classroom too.

I’ve been doing this for well over 20 years now and my teaching cupboard (well actually it’s my hard drive) is full of tried and tested resources, inspiring photos and provocations, and effective teaching lessons and strategies.

I know firsthand just how time-consuming designing engaging and educational teacher resources can be. I totally get how time poor us early childhood teachers are! I’m here to help you get some of your life back and help you create the classroom you want.

I can’t wait to share my teaching cupboard stash with you!
Math provocation at my play dough table
Investigation area in my first grade classroom
Library reading corner in my reggio inspired classroom
Home corner in my play based classroom
Flexible seating in my grade one classroom
Art area and box construction in our Walker Learning Classroom
Block construction area in my play based classroom
My play based classroom

Want to know more?

I have over 20 years experience as an Early Childhood educator with children aged from 3 to 10 years.

I know it is so important that a child feels successful in the learning process so with that in mind, I design my teaching resources. I have a passion for play-based, hands-on learning experiences where the learning is personalised and the environment is engaging. I love using natural materials and fostering a peaceful classroom through the use of neutral tones. You might see this reflected in the design of some of my resources. Everything I offer to you here has been tried and tested and very much loved by the children in my care.

I graduated with Honors in my Masters Degree in Education. I am also a proud member of ECTA – The Early Childhood Teaching Association of Australia.

I have a Diploma in Teaching, a Bachelor of Education – Early Childhood and a Masters Degree in Education. My best qualification however is that of Mother to 4 beautiful children.