CVC Sentences to Develop Decoding Fluency

October 21, 2017Explicit Teaching, New Products
Looking for decodable texts that are authentic? Give your beginning reader success and a joy of reading. Teaching a child to read must be explicit and follow a developmental sequence. In the first stage a child is learning the relationship between letters and sounds and between print and spoken words. The texts given to a [...]

Open-ended Questions Promote Higher Order Thinking

July 29, 2017Investigations, New Products
One of the gifts you can give children is allowing them the opportunity to solve problems. Solving problems develops higher order thinking skills.  Children must be given the opportunity to experiment, investigate and solve problems. If you are lucky, they may even fail. It's OK to Fail There must be an acceptance that failure is [...]

Weather Gnomes

July 4, 2016Tutorials

I do love the holidays as it gives me some time to catch-up on the projects I have in my craft cupboard. I find creating handmade items is so relaxing and very rewarding. I’ve had these Weather Gnomes on my to-do-list for so long. We are learning about the weather next term and I am … Read More

Writing Provocation

June 6, 2016Investigations

Want to get the boys writing? Just add Spider-man. This was a huge hit today. I actually have boys signing up on the waiting list to use this little writing space. I added a Spider-man figure from Kmart, some party cups to hold the pencils and pens, a sticker sheet, colouring book, a Spider-man party … Read More

Green Goop for the letter Gg

May 13, 2016Investigations, Tutorials

Sensory play is so important and incorporated into my curriculum every chance I get. This green goop was so much fun. Just add one cup of green coloured water to 3 cups of cornflour and mix. I coloured the water with a few drops of food colouring. What better way to reinforce the /g/ sound.

Science Investigation

May 13, 2016Investigations

Is it waterproof or absorbent? Investigating materials and their properties. I supplied a basket of materials – paper, plastic, wood, fabric, metal and glass objects from around the room. I added pipettes and a small jar of water along with a clipboard to record our observations.

Kitchen Science Chemistry Lab

April 29, 2016Investigations

As part of our investigations into matter and what things are made of, I set up a little Science lab. I included ingredients from the pantry for the children to measure, mix and observe. Each week I add new ingredients to sustain interest and provoke new investigations. When our letter focus was “Dd”, I added … Read More

Exploring Shadows

August 1, 2015Investigations

We have been learning about the sun this week. The children have been fascinated to explore and investigate this topic. They particularly enjoyed tracing their shadows with chalk on the concrete at various times throughout the day and were so excited to track the sun and measure the growth of their shadows later in the … Read More

Science Wind Tunnel

July 23, 2015Investigations, Tutorials

As part of our Science Unit on The Weather, we investigate wind. The wind tunnel is is one of my favourite learning experiences.   I make the tunnel from a piece of poster laminate sourced from our school library. You could get a piece from anywhere that laminates posters. Get a piece that has been … Read More